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We are still under construction, but I hope you can see enough here to want to come back...

Lots of bridge stuff to talk about...    We have bridge tips contributed by very good players, and we have short articles on new and unusual bidding agreements; some of them are good, and you might want to consider them in your partnership, while others are simply interesting.  I would be happy to accept your comments, tips, or almost any submission you would like to contribute.
    Roy Wilson

Other Bidding Systems - Not Two Over One
           It's not Precision, but it is a simplified form of it
           The Montreal Relay started as a simple convention, but now is a full system

Quick Tips on Bidding and Play from Very Good Players
           Mike Shuman        Opening in 3rd seat
           Diana Borgattii        Declarer conceals the high card

Short Articles on Bidding, Play and Defense
           Roy Wilson        Mini-Michaels
           Tom Reynolds        Chocolate D-I
           Gabrielle Sill        Delayed Smolen

Other Links...
           What's wrong with that convention?

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